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System fotowoltaiczny off-grid na dachu Szpitala im. dr W. Biegańskiego w Łodzi
środa, 26 wrzesień 2012
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Instalacja na hali NG2 w Polkowicach
środa, 26 wrzesień 2012
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The Japanese Embassy reduces emission of CO2 Another photovoltaic installation in Warsaw
piątek, 19 luty 2010

We are proud to announce that Wamtechnik has launched another photovoltaic system.
The contract with the company Takenaka, the general project executive of the Japanese Embassy in Warsaw, has been signed in November. The installation started soon after and was finished by December 2009. According to the Manager of the Department of Renewable Energy this project has been difficult because of the nessecity of avoiding any disturbance to the Embassy’s activity. The photovoltaic installations have been placed on the roof of the building and are a system of three sets of the same size. The photovoltaic plant is visible from the outside of the Embassy’s premises, which are located in Szwoleżerów street in Warsaw. Additional equipment contains a monitoring system, as well a a system of data concerning the amount of the energy produced. A meteo installation close to the system is a source of data concerning insolation, the strenght of the wind, as well as temperature. All those informations are to be presented on two monitors that are located inside the building. The energy produced by the installation will be used by the Embassy, which results in reduction of energy consumption from the mains. In this way the Embassy of Japan reduces the emission the CO2 and acts as an example for Polish authorities.

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